Young ESPID Symposium: Congenital Infections

Young ESPID Symposium

2022’s Young ESPID Symposium is a debate on the controversies
of “Congenital Infections” where both speakers and coordinators
are Young ESPID members.

Young ESPID Symposium - Congenital Infections

  • Don´t miss congenital syphilis difficult to diagnose – but easy to treat.
    Remember “Scortch”: Syphilis-CMV-Other-Toxo-Chickenpox-HSV

    Hermione Lyall, UK
  • Premature infants born at less than 30 weeks gestation should not
    receive expresses breast milk because of the risk of contracting CMV infection

    Clara Carreras-Abad, Spain and Naomi Kirk, Northern Ireland
  • Asymptomatic Baby with Congenital Toxoplasmosis: to treat or not to treat and for how long?
    Nisreen Khambati, UK and Asrar Abu Bakar, Malaysia

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