Instructions for E-Poster Presenters

Instructions for E-Poster Presenters

  • E-Poster Discussion presenters have each been allocated 7 minutes to present their E-Poster, which includes 2 minutes for discussion. Please make sure to check the online programme for your scheduled presentation date, time, E-Poster Discussion Session and E-Poster station.
  • E-Poster Viewing abstracts will have no specific presentation date and time.​ The presenter may stand by the E-Poster Viewing ​screens in order to p​resent their E-Poster during coffee and lunch breaks.​​
  • Independent E-Poster Presentation presenters have each been allocated 7 minutes to present their E-Poster, which includes 2 minutes for discussion. Presenters were invited to sign-up and asked to promote their own slots within one of two sessions, taking place Thursday, MAY 9th at 16:00-17:00 and FRIDAY, MAY 10th, 2019 at 7:00-7:50.


  • A letter will be sent with full instructions on how to upload your e-poster presentation to registered accepted participants, in due course.
  • Deadline for E-poster file upload: April 25th

Uploading your posters is easy and only takes a couple of steps:

  1. Before you begin, double check that your poster adheres to the technical requirements for ESPID 2019. By following the guidelines, you’ll ensure your poster is the right resolution, size, and format for the display screens. There, you can also find PowerPoint and Keynote templates for the layout of your poster.
  2. Your poster will be displayed digitally on ESPID 2019’s E-Poster Stations*

*E-Poster viewing does not have allocated programming but may be viewed anytime via the E-Poster Stations.

Questions? You may find the answers you’re looking for in our FAQ section. If you need further support please do not hesitate to contact our support team with the chat, which you can find on the bottom right corner.

Please upload your e-Poster by April 25th.

E-Poster Discussion Sessions

Parallel E-Poster Discussion Presentations will be given at the E-Poster Area in the Exhibition, on WEDNESDAY, MAY 8, 2019 at 11:10-12:40 and THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2019 at 14:00-15:30. All participants are invited to the E-Poster Stations to hear the short presentations and to​​ ask questions. Each E-Poster Discussion Session w​ill be guided by one moderator.

Presenters should be at the E-Poster viewing stations 10 minutes before the start of the E-Poster Discussion Session and remain there until the session has finished. Each presenter has been allocated total of 7 minutes. 5 minutes to present his/her E-Poster, and 2 minutes for discussion.

E-Poster Viewing

Poster presentations accepted for the Meeting will be available for viewing as E-Posters, available online and via the Mobile App during and after the Meeting. Electronic Posters or E-Posters are similar to traditional paper posters, but displayed on-site on multiple large LCD television screens. Abstracts selected for E-Poster Viewing will have no specific presentation date and time.  Any E-Poster can be viewed on any screen at any time during the Meeting as well as on mobile devices (smartphones. tablets and laptops) via the Meeting App. These E-Posters platforms allow users to browse by topics, search for specific content and submit questions to the authors. The author of the E-Poster may stand by the E-Poster screens in order present their E-Poster during breaks. Additionally, delegates will be able to e-mail the presenter via the E-Poster system to set up a meeting to discuss the E-Poster.  E-Poster screens can be found in the E-Poster area. Authors have been encouraged to embed explanatory audio or video presentations with their E-Posters. These posters do not require printing or production of materials – as your work will be available for viewing electronically.

Independent E-Poster Presentations

ESPID 2019 is now offering select participants the opportunity to schedule themselves into Independent E-Poster Presentation sessions. Sessions are on Thursday, May 9th at 16:00-17:00 and FRIDAY, MAY 10th, 2019 at 7:00-7:50. If you have been sent an invitation to apply at the end of your  E-Poster Viewing Notification, you may fill in our online form to sign up for the opportunity. The slots are available for booking at a first come/first serve basis. Sign-up Available by Invitation Only (within abstract notification letter).

Schedule exposure for your abstract, Promote your session slot, Share knowledge at ESPID 2019