Abstract Topics


  • New research approaches in the study of infectious diseases in children
  • Antibiotic use across Europe – Differences and challenges
  • The future of vaccines (is now)
  • One health – The human – Animal interface


  • Paediatric sepsis
  • Optimizing management of paediatric infections in resource-poor settings
  • Perinatal infections – The mother – Infant pair
  • Vaccine challenges
  • Novelties in diagnostic microbiology in pediatrics
  • Children on the move – Practical aspects on travel medicine and migrant health
  • Congenital CMV infection
  • Influenza prevention and children
  • Healthcare associated infections in children
  • Infections which define immune responses – Or the other way round?
  • Prevention of meningococcal disease – the way forward
  • Is it infection or inflammation?
  • Infections in paediatric oncology and HSCT patients


  • Complicated pneumonia (diagnostic and treatment approaches)
  • Endocarditis in children
  • Lyme disease – Diagnosis and management
  • Invasive fungal infections in immunocompromised children
  • Prevention of vertical transmission of HIV
  • Tuberculosis – Still with us
  • Diagnostic and treatment dilemmas in acute encephalitis
  • How to do an audit on the use of antibiotics
  • Diagnosis and management of osteomyelitis in children
  • CMV infection in the neonate
  • Diagnostic considerations in the frequently sick child
  • A child with a history of allergy to antibiotics – What to do on Friday evening?
  • Diagnostic approaches in paediatric infectious diseases (microbiology vs. host response)
  • Management of ventriculoperitoneal shunt infections in children
  • Mycoplasma
  • Vaccine Acceptance