Discover Bucharest

Welcome to the “Little Paris” of Romania. The capital and most populated city in the country is waiting for you with its magnificent architecture, rich history and unique neighborhoods. Join us in ESPID 2025 and take advantage of this opportunity to explore Bucharest!

This year, we have the pleasure of conducting ESPID 2025 at Bucharest International Conference Centre, located in one of the most prominent buildings in Bucharest, the Palace of the Parliament. I’ts an architectural marvel and the second-largest administrative building in the world. This colossal structure boasts over 1,100 rooms and covers an area of 365,000 square meters. Its opulent design and sheer scale reflect the ambitions and excesses of its era, making it a significant landmark and a symbol of both national pride and historical complexity.


Legend says that Bucharest, now a bustling metropolis, was founded by a shepherd named Bucur, whose flute playing and wine won the favor of traders who named the city after him. First documented in 1459 AD, Bucharest has grown rapidly, showcasing proudly its rich history, Latin-inspired architecture, and significant events, like independence from the Ottoman Empire and the fall of Communism.

Day trips

Take advantage of your visit to Romania to explore enchanting places near Bucharest. You can travel to the Peles Castle & Sinaia Monastery, a breathtaking castle adorned by wood, glass, and marble, interwoven to create an exquisite sight. Or submerge yourself in mystery and legend by visiting the infamous home of Dracula, Bran Castle.


If you’re looking for traditional dishes to try during your visit, then you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of local variations of plates such as, Mici (sausages), Sarmale (stuffed cabbage rolls), Mămăligă (polenta) or Papanași (fried donuts).

For more information on where to eat these local delicacies, you can take the advice of blogs such as One Way Ticket.


Bucharest is filled with beautiful architecture, culture, and historic landmarks scattered around the city. You can’t miss the Arch of Triumph which has a mix of French inspiration and Romanian history, the interesting Revolution Square, the astonishing neoclassical Palace of the Savings Bank, or the intimidating Romania’s Parliament Palace which is the third-largest administrative building… in the world!


Bucharest has a public transportation system that includes subway, tram lines, as well as daytime and nighttime buses. You can pay onboard with contactless debit or credit cards, or you can purchase public transport cards at kiosks near bus or tram stops. These cards are useful as prepaid options for multiple trips of three to seven days. Furthermore, the Bucharest Public Transport Tourist Card, also available for visitors, offers unlimited rides on all the public transportation system at a very convenient price. (Photo by Marius Mantea).

For more information about landmarks to visit, places to explore, transportation and eating options, visit the Romania Tourism site.