Why Attend

Why Attend

Be Part of Something Bigger at ESPID 2025


In this rapidly developing field, ESPID 2025 functions as the premier gathering of researchers, clinicians and experts worlwide to provide you with the latest innovations. In Bucharest you’ll find more than a Meeting; expect collaboration, scientific progress, a worldwide conversation, and more.

What are the main
reasons to attend ESPID 2025?

ESPID 2025 brings forth lectures and sessions from some of the most prominent researchers, clinicians and leaders in the field of paediatric infectious diseases, to speak on the latest advancements in the field, public health and epidemiology, immunology, microbiology, and more.

Take this opportunity to update your knowledge!

ESPID 2025 provides you with opportunity to get insights from the top minds in the field in a close environment during the Meet The Expert sessions.

Hear their findings, ask them questions, share your input and your experiences, and get valuable feedback on your practice.

The community of ESPID is filled with people from all over the world that are excited to meet each other every year at our Meetings. This melting pot of different perspectives, experiences, and practices, allows the attendees to put their knowledge into perspective.

Be part of this exchange of ideas, collaboration, and fruitful discussions to develop better practices in the field of PID.

Present your research and cases to other Paediatric Infectious Diseases specialists to get feedback, new ideas and recognition, and make a name for yourself in the field.

ESPID believes in being in equal opportunity for all presenters.

Contribute to ESPID’s efforts in finding the underlying factors behind the spread of PID and developing solotutions as well as advancing patient care. Let’s work together to save lives!