CME-CPD Accreditation

CME-CPD Accreditation

Past CME/CPD Accreditation

ESPID strives to deliver high quality educational programme and applies for CME/CPD accreditation through the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).

Below you can see the ESPID accreditation history over the past few years:

  • ESPID 2014:  Up to 12 CME Credits
  • ESPID 2015: Up to 18 CME Credits
  • ESPID 2016: Up to 27 CME Credits
  • ESPID 2017: Up to 27 CME Credits
  • ESPID 2018: Up to 35 CME Credits
  • ESPID 2019: Up to 33 CME Credits
  • ESPID 2020 Virtual: Up to 31 CME Credits
  • ESPID 2021 Online: Up to 28 CME Credits
  • ESPID 2022 Athens & Online: Up to 39 CME Credits

Claim Your ESPID 2022 CME/CPD Credits

You have until 13 August 2022 to claim your CME/CPD credits for ESPID 2022. To find out more, please visit the ESPID 2022 website.

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Commitment to the Highest Standards in CME/CPD

Kenes is committed to being a valuable and knowledgeable partner in the design and delivery of educationally strong, independent, transparent, and effective CME/CPD programmes. Kenes is a proud member of the Good CME Practice Group (gCMEp), a member organisation contributing to improving health outcomes by:

  • Championing best practice in CME/CPD
  • Maintaining and improving standards
  • Mentoring and educating
  • Working in collaboration with critical stakeholders

Membership in the Good CME Practice Group illustrates Kenes commitment to high standards and knowledgeable partnership with its clients in the design and delivery of medical events.

Stay tuned for more information on this years’ accreditation opportunities.

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