ESPID 2024

Important announcement regarding ESPID 2024 in Tel Aviv

Dear ESPID Family,

We hope this message finds you well and safe.

Unfortunately, we are experiencing challenging and uncertain times in our region.

We are sincerely hoping for a swift and peaceful resolution but are aware that achieving stability might take many weeks. While we were looking forward to hosting you in Tel Aviv next May, given these circumstances we wanted to update you that the venue of ESPID 2024 has been changed, and will now be taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The dates of the meeting will remain unchanged (May 20-24, 2024). We are working hard to ensure that ESPID 2024 will remain the premier scientific meeting of our society and a memorable event for the ESPID family.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your support during these difficult times.

With best wishes,

Ilan Youngster & Dana Danino (ESPID 2024 Meeting Co-Chairs)

Manolis Galanakis (ESPID President)

Ilan Youngster
ESPID 2024 Co-Chair

Dana Danino
ESPID 2024 Co-Chair

Manolis Galanakis
ESPID President

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