Walter Marget Educational Workshop

Walter Marget Educational Workshop


The Walter Marget Workshop (WMW) is over 2 half-days for trainees held every year in the days leading upto the ESPID Annual Meeting. The workshop is dedicated to the memory of Professor Walter Marget, who was a founding member of ESPID (1983). Professor Marget was a renowned paediatric infectious diseases clinician at the University Hospitals of Freiburg, Tubingen and Munich and was an influential mentor for many young paediatricians.

ESPID Walter Marget Educational Workshop

Why should I attend the WMW?

This clinically-oriented educational workshop focuses on the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases in children. There are four talks by well-known experts, as well as small-group interactive case discussions with close interactions between trainees and faculty.

Who is eligible to participate in the WMW?

Participation in the WMW is limited to a maximum of 50 pre-selected registered trainees. Themes for the workshop are posted in advance (see below) and trainees are invited to submit, in advance, an abstract of a case that they wish to present. The best 16 cases submitted will be selected for presentation at the meeting and prizes/certificates are awarded for the best clinical presentations.

In the case of over-registration for the workshop, the following priorities for a place have been set:

  1. Quality of the abstract submitted
  2. ESPID members who are in training
  3. 1st-time attendance
  4. Balance of trainees to ensure representation of different countries
  5. Age less than 40 years

Reimbursement of trainees – Details coming soon


  • Invited speakers – paediatric infectious diseases specialists who are outstanding clinicians and educators selected by the ESPID Committee for Education for the WMW each year. Speakers will give a presentation and participate in discussions of instructive cases presented by the trainees.
  • Members of the ESPID education committee will chair small clinical case discussion sessions in which delegates present cases according to the themes of the workshop.

How do I apply?

Details coming soon

What are the topics for WMW this year?

Details coming soon

How do I submit an abstract?

Details coming soon

How do I prepare my case for a presentation at WMW?

Details coming soon

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