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Below you will find a few tips and resources on how to get noticed during ESPID 2023 on social media.

Social Media Tips

We have a dedicated hashtag for ESPID 2023 to make discovering and discussion even easier. When tweeting about the congress, make sure to use #ESPID2023 plus any other relevant hashtags.

Take a great selfie, while enjoying the Congress Sessions, and post it on Twitter or Facebook story with #myESPID and #ESPID2023 to take part of the ESPID Photo Contest.

Suggested ways to share information about the Meeting with your network:

  • Live tweet from sessions, meetings and the exhibition. Be sure to mention @ESPIDsociety and use the hashtag #ESPID2023 plus other relevant hashtags.
  • Retweet and repost live coverage coming from the Forum’s official accounts.
  • Post photos and mention @ESPIDsociety and use the hashtag #ESPID2023 on Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also like and share ESPID posts with your audience.
  • Take a great selfie, while enjoying the ESPID sessions, and post it as a Facebook story with #ESPID2023.
  • Watch and share ESPID YouTube videos.

Catch the attention of colleagues by creating a 30 seconds to 1 minute video about the research you’ve brought to the ESPID Meeting.

Style 1:

  • Open with a bang.
    Yon only have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention, so use it wisely!
  • Expand on the details or why this is important
  • Finish with “I’m [INSERT NAME], working at [INSERT LOCATION]. I invite you to [check out my poster titled… / join my lecture in the session…], and of course, please reach out to me with questions, feedback and ideas.

Style 2:

  • If you want to learn about [INSERT TOPIC], then [check out my poster titled… / join my lecture in the session…]. I’m [INSERT NAME], working at [INSERT LOCATION]. See you at ESPID 2023.

Style 2:

  • Have you wondered why [INSERT TOPIC]? I’ll be covering this and [more/ insert content] in my [poster titled… / lecture in the session on…]. I’m [INSERT NAME], working at [INSERT LOCATION]. See you at ESPID 2023.

Social Media Resources

Graphics for Social Media – Templates

Choose from a variety of templates for Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, and even make your own personalised promo image by adding your presentation or e-Poster title, session, date, and time. Simply click on the images to download them.

  • Recommended font: Gotham (medium)
  • Recommended font colour: white

Example – Sharable image
Here’s how you can insert your presentation title, session and time in a branded image to be shared on social media

Sharable image

Twitter cover

Twitter – Join Me At

Twitter – Presenting At

Instagram post

Instagram post

Instagram story

Facebook cover

Facebook post

Facebook post

LinkedIn cover

LinkedIn post

Zoom backgrounds