Session Highlights

Session Highlights

Plenary Symposia


Current challenges for public health – Marion Koopmans, The Netherlands

  • PLENARY SYMPOSIUM – Microbiome and host immunity in early life

Born in a microbial cloud – Debby Bogaert, UK

Shaping of the immune system – Petter Brodin, Sweden


Managing patient pressure to prescribe in the clinic – Tanya Stivers, USA

  • PLENARY SYMPOSIUM¬† – Think globally, act locally: Strategies to decrease maternal and neonatal infections in LMIC

Maternal vaccination in developing countries – Shabir Madhi, South Africa

  • PLENARY SYMPOSIUM¬† – Respiratory viruses: treatment and prevention

Respiratory viruses: treatment and prevention – Menno de Jong, The Netherlands

RSV vaccine development: almost there? – Jason McLellan, USA

More Plenary Speakers to confirm soon.


Young ESPID Debate

YOUNG ESPID DEBATE – Controversies in paediatric infectious diseases


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