ESPID’s Sustainability Travel Grants

ESPID’s Sustainability Travel Grants

Dear attendees,

 As we all face climate change and its’ negative affect on our planet, ESPID is calling everyone to take action and join the efforts for a positive impact and more sustainable future.

Denmark is considered one of the most sustainable countries in the world, and Copenhagen is home to 546km of bike paths, a fleet of electric harbour ferries, vast buses and trains networks, but we all can and should do more.

The carbon emissions from travel by flying comprise the highest part of the event Carbon footprint and the goal of our Sustainability strategy is to do the utmost to reduce it by prompting other more eco-friendly options.

We invite you to say No to flights when travelling to Copenhagen and say Yes to a more sustainable transportation –  buses or trains, this way you will maximize your positive contribution:

  • Your Carbon footprint will be significantly lower, and could reach up to 86% fewer greenhouse emissions
  • This will significantly reduce the air pollution that has a direct impact on public health.
  • Buses and trains are more affordable and this way you will contribute to the communities equity. 

We are happy to advise that ESPID gives a high priority to sustainable travel and will support financially those who will choose to arrive to Copenhagen by sustainable transportation (by bus or train).

Sustainability grant will be given to the first 20 people: the grant includes 20% discount for the registration and full transportation coverage to Copenhagen.

Please save the receipt for your return travel, visit the registration desk during the congress, and 20% of the registration fee and your travel expenses will be reimbursed

Invite your peers and colleagues to join you when travelling by bus or trains to Copenhagen and we will see you all at sustainable ESPID 2024!

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